Another free album

October 28, 2008

NJ hardcoreband Fearless Everyday give their new album away for free (download)

Check it out!

1. Transitions I / Richard
2. Nassau County You Can’t Stop Me
3. Shame On The World
4. Addiction
5. Get It Straight / Windy, NJ
6. One Year Older; One Year Better
7. Jimmie Leeds and Pine Barren Trees
8. Transitions II
9. Left Side, Strong Side



CRUEL HAND – Prying Eyes are now up for pre-orders, I was up all night yesterday to be one of the first to order this record. Check the record and Cruel Hand out at

The “Mags”

October 9, 2008

BlacknBlue just posted this videos of Cro-Mags in a myspacebulletin. Check that shit out!


Change Today

October 2, 2008

Awsome, awsome, awsome!